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FY2012 Newsletters

September 2012

    What's New
      • ENBOSS Army Mapper Integration
      • Updating Locked IFS Data in EMAAR
      • Identifying Memorialized Facilities
      • Reducing Work Load for Utility Payments into GFEBS
      • Accessing Markup Reports for Personnel/Equipment
      • Project Paving Guidance
      • ENBOSS SharePoint 2010 Coming Soon
      • AEP Utility Consumption Report
      • Requesting Access for 416TH TSR Packet
      • Using Item Actions within TeamTrack


      • EPAS-R Class Conducted at Ft. Shafter, HI

July 2012

    What's New
      • Recent Changes to EPAS-R
      • Environmental/Milcon Video
      • Create and Modify Work Orders in the WorkPlan
      • Searching within SharePoint
      • Virtual Training available on AEP Site
      • Using both ENBOSS ProjDoc and PAX PC Cost
      • Generate Projects Preliminary Scope and Cost
    • Problem Solving Tips when accessing ENBOSS
    • Searching in TeamTrack
    • AREM-C May 2012 Class Graduates
      What's New
        • O&M Work Plan
        • MILCON Default Markup February 2012
        • 99TH RSC Customer Support Center
        • 88TH RSC Customer Focus Workshop
        • Integrating SharePoint Calendars into Microsoft Outlook
        • Setting Up Accurate MILCON Projects
        • MTOE/TDA Markup Tips
      • New Features in AREM
      • TeamTrack The Art of Multi-View Reports<
      • Environmental EPAS-R Enhancements
      • AREM-C December 2011 Class Graduates
      • ENBOSS Training - Sign Up NOW!
      • On-Demand Video Training
      January 2012
          • What's New in ENBOSS v5.2
          • FY12 Training Plan is approved
          • What is EPAS-R
          • Work Plan - Dynamic Reporting
          • RISER New Fields - Region, Area and BRACc Information
          • New Customer Support System (CSS) SharePoint Site
          • Real Estate - Defining Type Fee Acquisition Methods
          • Updating Real Estate Data During IFS/GFEBS Transition
          • Real Estate - Identifying the Region and Area for a Facility
          • SITEUID and RPUID added to Real Estate
          • SharePoint and CAC Only Compliance Changes
          • SharePoint Tips and Tricks, Bulk Editing of a List
          • AREM Dashboard Has been Updated
          • TeamTrack - Listing Reports